Steering Committee

  • Julie York
  • Victoria Purrell
  • Desiree Veloz
  • Susan Ulrey
  • Susan Gold-Herr
  • Elysa Arroyo
  • Lisa Montoya
  • Claire Romzek
  • Kendra Flower
  • Robert Mars
  • Wendy Weeks
  • Deanne Moyle-Hicks
  • Mary Holsclaw
  • Ernie Rambo

Roles & Responsibilities


Learn together about the importance of competencies and prepare as a team to determine roles and responsibilities. Take ownership of ensuring competencies align with the Portrait of a Nevada Learner.


Represent the fellowship at the NASS conference, sharing personal experiences of the competency design process and providing an update of the competency design status.


Collect and capture feedback from
participants to be incorporated into the final competency development.