Draft Attributes and Competencies

DomainDescriptionAttributesDRAFT Graduate-Level Competencies
EmpoweringHow will I grow in my learning? Reflect on my personal strengths and unique qualities to leverage them in all aspects of my lifeApproach learning and life experiences with curiosity and a growth-focused attitude to find ways to connect them to my passions and interestsBe self-aware, monitor my needs, and advocate for myself in my relationships, experiences, and in a variety of environmentsStrive for balance by asking for support related to my intellectual growth physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being.BalanceNevada learners analyze goals and prioritize tasks in order to manage time effectively
CuriosityNevada learners engage their curiosity and perspectives about diverse matters to guide their learning and defend their decisions.
Self-AdvocacyNevada learners embrace their strengths and challenges with a well-grounded sense of confidence, empowering them to advocate for themselves.
ConnectingHow do I build and sustain relationships and community? Build connections by actively listening, sharing ideas, and collaborating toward common goalsCommunicate effectively, adapting my communication style to different audiences and situations, while using a variety of tools and technologiesShow empathy and respect towards individuals and groups of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences exploring multiple viewpoints to foster a sense of belongingCommunicateNevada learners demonstrate empathy to sustain relationships with various communities by communicating effectively in different situations.
Nevada learners collaborate respectfully with individuals of diverse viewpoints, share and exchange information, utilize tools and technologies, to contribute toward mutual goals.
ImpactingHow do I contribute to make an impact? Apply knowledge and skills to make a purposeful impact on my communityEvaluate and analyze data, ideas, and interactions as critical thinkers and problem-solvers to overcome challengesParticipate in public discourse and decision-making processes to promote opportunities of civic engagementProblem SolvingNevada learners apply critical and creative thinking skills to generate viable solutions across contexts.
Nevada learners analyze data and evidence to defend possible outcomes or predictions.
Broad Application of SkillsNevada learners apply knowledge and skills to reach goals under various conditions in the community.
Nevada learners apply expertise in selecting appropriate strategies to drive innovative solutions in the community.
ThrivingHow will I thrive? Stay resilient and courageous in the face of challenges and changing contexts, learning from my mistakes and growing as a resultPractice intellectual agility, continuously learning, unlearning, and relearning to adapt to evolving opportunities in my school, workplace, and communityBe a person of integrity, making and keeping commitments to my peers and community while staying true to my values and beliefsResilienceNevada learners investigate and adapt to evolving opportunities as they continuously learn, unlearn, and relearn to become successful, productive, contributing members of their communities.