Competency Champions

How can Nevada educators come together to move personalized, competency-based learning forward?

Competency Champions will participate in both in-person and virtual professional learning and coaching sessions with other champions across the state. Competency Champions will work in place-based pairs to implement competencies on their campus. Based on field experience and feedback, champions will refine the competencies and create supporting resources for educators across Nevada to scale the implementation of personalized, competency-based learning.

What will competency champion do?

  • Actively collaborate with other Competency Champions
  • Drive the implementation of competencies for the Nevada Portrait of a Learner in their learning communities
  • Help design supportive tools and resources to activate the portrait and competencies across Nevada
  • Attend at least 75 percent of engagements (see time commitment below)
  • Collaborate with other educators and portrait pilot teams to refine competencies
  • Complete an online course exploring personalized, competency-based learning

Build your statewide network and professional expertise!
Recieve personalized professional coaching!
Earn compensation for your efforts in shaping the future of learning!
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Time Commitment

Learn more about Competnecy Champion expectations, activities and schedule of events.

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